Fresh for November: Add exhibitors, hide registration button, and more!

Nov 17, 2017 10:58:47 AM Julia Sousa Product News

Our team is excited to announce a variety of new improvements and fixes, as well as the ability to add Exhibitors to your event website. Read on for more details.


Feature exhibitors at your event's website

Use the Exhibitor section of Attendease to display exhibitors at your conference, trade show, or convention with ease.  Access our support site and learn how to add exhibitor levels and profiles. For an extra speedy setup, you can import multiple exhibitors at once.


Hide the "Register" button when event registration is unavailable

You are now able to automatically hide the "Register" button on the Event Information block when event registration is unavailable. If you enable this feature the button will automatically be removed after your event is over or if event registration is manually disabled.

Attendease - Hide the "Register" button when event registration is unavailable.png


More control when your scheduled email blasts

When scheduling email blasts you are now able to decide minute-by-minute when the blast will send. Click here to learn more about email blasts and how to schedule them to send at a later date.


Easier to navigate the Card Row block

Were your fingers getting tired of scrolling to see all the cards in the Card Row block editor? Ours were - so we're introducing a card selector! To edit a particular card, just select its corresponding number from the card selector at the top of the editing dialog. 

Attendease Card Row block.png


More enhancements to the Attendease interface

We are continuing to bring you further improvements to the look and feel of the Attendease interface. Log into your account to see our latest design improvements. This week we are introducing a fresh look for form fields and toggles.

Attendease fresh look for form fields and toggles.png

Other enhancements

  • Country widget loads properly no matter the selected event language
  • Implemented standardized button behaviour on event websites
  • Easier way to select colors for your Session filters
  • Continued improvements to our new UI
  • Improved statistics for email blasts
  • Improve the display of status messages and buttons on the Schedule block
  • Added support for mobile responsive invoices for attendees
  • Optimize image resources for themes and templates



If you are curious to learn more, take a visual tour into the possibilities of Attendease!



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