Make your event management experience even more delightful

Sep 25, 2017 5:03:16 PM Mira Soullen Product News

According to Forbes, event planners are ranked #5 as one of the most stressful jobs. We feel your pain! To help make things easier, the Attendease team has set an important goal - to constantly innovate in order to provide the very best experience for event planners. Recently we received recognition, ranking in the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Software Solutions out of 400 competitors.


Today, we took one step closer to hitting that goal. 

We are delighted to introduce a design refresh of the Attendease interface. The new look and feel was created to make the event management experience even more seamless. The first phase of our design refresh is underway and our users can start exploring Attendease to see ongoing design improvements.

 Attendease (11).png




Here is a new feature to make your returning attendees happy: Instant Registration.

The name of the feature speaks for itself. Returning event registrants can be fully registered with just one click without entering their information again (note: this is possible if it is a free event!) If you want to learn more about Instant Registration,click here.




If you are curious to learn more, take a visual tour into the possibilities of Attendease!



Attendease is an event automation platform for corporate event teams built to enable a repeatable, scalable event planning and execution process.