The Immersive Customer Journey Powered By Events

Mar 18, 2016 11:18:34 AM Todd Heintz Strategy

Leading enterprises look for the opportunity to build an immersive customer journey. Integrated, scalable, knowledgable and contextual.  

Attendease has been closely working with Tech companies big and small for some number of years, from their most intimate leadership events to their most imprortant annual client user conferences.  From this experience, it is obvious that the most successful event managers are "hungry" to be leaders by focusing on what really matters for their attendees: a best-in-class integrated, end-to-end experience.  

I've worked for many startups and without question one big observation is this - it's hard to win. To get the order of things right - which includes creating a fully integrated, scalable sales and marketing technology stack to propell the customer journey and drive conversion; with only a team of 10 to 20. 

But what makes a leader in Tech? Precision focus on this very goal.

I do see large entreprises focused on this, granted it is much more of a challenge than for an agile start up. There are so many more moving parts, processes and considerations. 

As an #eventtech leader, what is really important as we build out our roadmap, is to look for companies that don't get hung up on tactical #details of a feature in their registration system, or whether their mobile app can have a speakers page. 

Think strategically about your events. 

Today's leading marketing-driven companies can now see:

A) Events are critical to achieving business objectives

B) Events have the opportunity to be more strategic and aligned with the overall mission and vision - including how they work with your digital marketing strategy

C) Strategically partnering with the correct #eventtech to enable the sales and marketing stack will elevate your lead generation and transform your customer journey at the same time.

Looking at the bigger picture versus focusing on tactical level features will make a world of difference to achieve your goal. Look for best in class enablement, and alignment of vision that matches where you want to go with your marketing team. 

We've been working with Adobe for many years and without question they are a company that strives every day to be a better marketing organization. We're honoured to be a part of that. 


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