Five Must-Have Productivity Apps For Meeting Planners

Mar 10, 2016 7:56:16 PM Shannon DeSouza Tech & Tools

The last few years have seen big changes in the event management arena, with technology contributing the catalyst for progress. Meeting planners have put aside bulky binders and notebooks, replacing most paper with electronic gadgets and tools. This breakneck evolution in the world of event management software has not simply been in response to consumers' quest for the latest techy toys; it also speaks volumes about the push to use technology to make the complex task of event planning more manageable. To help narrow your choices from the vast array of both web and installed apps available, here are our top five productivity apps for meeting planners that will help you do your job more efficiently.

  1. WiFi Calculator. You can go far in creating an atmosphere of professionalism at your event by providing WiFi for your attendees, but it's a little more complex than flipping a switch. You'll want to use a WiFi calculator to estimate usage, and to determine the number and locations of hotspots needed. Most of your attendees will activate just one device at a time, but they need reliable service during all aspects of the event and your event planning needs to include this essential service. During peak times like when your conference uses mobile interaction with speakers or in small groups, provides video streaming, or makes file transfers available, will take additional bandwidth and you don't want to be caught unprepared.   
  2. Event budgeting and reconciliation management. Why use spreadsheets to track your conference budget when an app can make your task so much simpler? Expensify is a great way to keep your budget up to date and right at your fingertips. With unlimited line items and big picture functionality, receipt generation and customizable reports, this app will make your planning process infinitely easier.
  3. Travel. Whether you're coordinating travel plans for a few keynote speakers or tasked with synchronizing flight arrivals for a large group, the TripIt for teams app is essential. You'll be able to easily manage multiple travelers, including flights and car rentals, confirmations, and team communication, all from one centralized dashboard. 
  4. Hospitality. If you're providing food or beverage service at your next meeting, you don't want to guess at the impact on your bottom line if you switch drinks or change appetizers. Designed to be the most comprehensive hospitality app available, Hospitality Calculators was created to make it simple to determine the profit margins of foods and beverages. This app is user-friendly and will give you food and beverage gross profits as well as reverse calculations, making it one of the 'must haves' in your event apps portfolio.
  5. Translation. Expand your reach around the world with a translation app such as WordLens that translates in real time from a mobile camera image, or Google Translate that provides translation from and to any text as well as real time voice translation. Whether you're providing a local event with international attendees, or an online event available anywhere, your effectiveness will exponentially increase by removing barriers to communication both during a conference as well as for successful followup. 



While event planning is complex, making use of mobile event apps to help will enable you to come off looking like a star, with just a fraction of the stress. Mobile event applications that specifically address some of your challenging and time-consuming tasks are here to stay and only getting better as the industry demands greater efficiency, functionality and ease of use. Have a need for a specific app not mentioned here? Contact us today and we'll do what we can to help you find the best technology for your next event.