How To Create a Unique Event By Utilizing Innovative Technology

Aug 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM Shannon DeSouza Tech & Tools

In the competitive arena of event management, you want to stand out. By utilizing cutting edge technology in your event planning, you'll create a memorable experience for both attendees and presenters and ensure that colleagues will eagerly await the announcement of your next conference. Here are just a few innovative event technology ideas to help you create a distinctive and cutting edge event experience. 

Interactive digital graffiti wall. Use an interactive digital graffiti wall at your next conference and instantly elevate your event to the status of companies like The Today Show, Heineken, and MTV. From one giant multi-touch screen to touch table tops and everything in between, this innovative technology creates a strongly branded interactive experience. From initial registration through wrap-up sessions, the graffiti wall positively screams 'cutting edge' interaction and can even be tied in with attendees' social media to create an immediate social buzz. 

Wearable technology. From smart wristbands to high-tech t-shirts, wearable technology not only enhances your attendees' experience, but also provides enormous data points to help you pinpoint ROI. From tracking how many registrants attend a particular session, to activity and even gesture sensing and social media integration, wearable tech will elevate your event platform to the level of the big boys. You can also use wearable technology to create interactive displays and branded games to enhance the event experience.

Event robots. Strategic use of robots can dramatically increase your event experience. For instance, technology is available for remote event attendees to "be present" via Skype and an on-site robot through companies such as Mantara. Robots can also be used as bartenders, booth attendants, and messengers, with data collection capabilities to better target your conference follow-up campaigns.

Create a brand-immersion experience. For truly innovative, cutting-edge event planning, use technology to create a complete brand-immersion experience that transforms the physical venue. Video walls, strategic lighting, virtual reality, and sensory sessions will captivate your audience so completely they will leave hungry for more with brand loyalty firmly in place. A custom event theme strategy that utilizes innovative technology can be a ginormous undertaking such as that of the 2015 Immersive Event Technology Gold Winner, or can be as simple as the ideal integration of simpler tech throughout your event venue. 


Putting together a complete brand-immersion venue for your next event integrates brilliantly with wearable tech, robots, and digital graffiti, and provides you with nearly endless data to help you target CRM strategy. Whether you're ready to pull out all the stops or choose to integrate just one cutting-edge innovation into your event platform, you'll be miles ahead of the competition not only in usable data for analysis and future event planning, but also in experiential innovation that will ultimately increase measurable ROI. Contact us today to brainstorm ways we can help you integrate innovative technology for your next event.