How To Create Events That Keep Both Staff And Attendees Happy

Mar 10, 2016 7:19:58 PM Shannon DeSouza Strategy

Even if you run just one large conference a year, event management is a big deal - and a critical piece of your marketing strategy or membership mix.

Attendease allows you to take a portfolio approach to your events, making the process less stressful, labor intensive, and more profitable for your organization.

How? From preliminary planning to following up on feedback, Attendease robust registration, schedule builder and integrated event app allows you event manage like a pro! 


No-Conflict Approach to Planning Your Program

Multiple stages, different sized rooms, presenters with a variety of equipment needs - don't you just love putting that puzzle together? 

Attendease gives you drag-and-drop convenience in scheduling and session management for all the complex components of your conference, and makes all the puzzle pieces easy to manage. The visual representation of the schedule builder provides at-a-glance peace of mind; schedule filters (much more intuitive than Excel) allow you to define your unique event restraints to avoid massive embarrassment in front of your attendees. 


Check-In With Your Sanity on Event Day

Onsite registration and check-in, processing ticket refunds, and sending real time push notifications for room changes can all be done from the Attendease event management portfolio with ease. Also available in real time are live poll results, event surveys and event analytics which will provide valuable insights for planning next years conference.


See the robust Attendease event management platform for yourself - Set up a free trial, request a demo or call us!