How to optimize your event registration process

Mar 10, 2016 7:50:22 PM Shannon DeSouza Tech & Tools

Events are a great opportunity for people to learn and network, but there's no event without the attendees. It's therefore crucial to design your event onboarding process to be as easy and smooth as possible. To encourage a large turnout, here are a few pointers on how to optimize your registration process.

  • Encourage attendees to register together as groups. It makes sense to offer streamlined registration for groups such as companies but your event registration app has to be flexible enough to handle group categorizations. An optimized event registration process for groups should match the ease and simplicity of the standard individual registration process. As an extra incentive, provide discounts in the form of coupons to encourage group registrations.
  • Don't ask for superfluous information on the registration form. Research has consistently shown that the more pages someone has to fill out in a form, the likelier they are to abandon it. Whittle your form down to its essentials and only ask for information that's pertinent to the event registration.
  • Don't make frequent flyers have to fill out the same forms again. One of the top frustrations of event registration is having to fill out lengthy registration forms. But if an individual has already attended a previous event from the organizer, why should they have to fill out the same lengthy form again? Your event registration system should be smart enough to pre-populate personal information from its database to reduce the frustration inherent in filling out forms.
  • Place your registration form on your main site. When using an event management software, make sure it has a setting whereby you may host the form on your own site. This helps build trust for the visitor to your event site. Remember that your prospective attendee will be submitting their payment details through your site, so it's better that the payment form be hosted on your domain rather than a 3rd party they probably have never heard of.


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