New features to simplify your event management process

Oct 12, 2017 2:12:15 PM Mira Soullen Product News

Attendease is on a mission to simplify corporate event planners’ life. In October, we are happy to introduce you two new exciting platform features that make your event management process effortless and simple.  

  • Advanced Editing Toolbar for Event Website Creation 

This feature will simplify the event website building process, making it dramatically more intuitive for users. The Advanced Editing Toolbar helps make your event site creation incredibly easy, fun and enjoyable - without the hassle of using color codes or coding fixes. It also saves you valuable time. In addition, it helps you build world-class event sites without expensive website programming resources.


  • Use Attendease to schedule your one-on-one meetings

Now it is easier for your team to foster collaboration with your clients and prospects. Attendease is announcing one-on-one meetings that allow teams to invite people to individual appointments. Setting up a 1:1 meeting is simple: add meeting hosts, meeting times, and filters to allow attendees to easily find time slots they want to book.


Filter view of 1on1 (1).gif




If you are curious to learn more, take a visual tour into the possibilities of Attendease!



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