Why Do More Events?

Mar 10, 2016 3:58:28 PM Shannon DeSouza Strategy

You are part of a company you believe in, tasked with managing conferences intended to generate participation, membership, and ultimately to increase sales. Yet it can be a challenge to define metrics and measure the return on investment.

In order to maximize your marketing efforts, you need a customizable event management software that provides you with actionable lead generation that can then be integrated into your overall sales and marketing strategy. Therefore the question becomes, why should we do more events, rather than less? 

An impactful question that many of our clients like nVidia, Pivotal and Atlassian have asked. However this is the conversation we had with them: 

  1. The world of events as a strategic part of your overall marketing strategy has changed, and you need more than a digital scheduling system or a basic website. Attendease can provide you with a fully customizable system designed to grow with your company. Our online conference management software is a complete platform that will work with you from registration to analytics. 
  2. You know that events are about more than social connection or education. According to the American Marketing Association, gathering leads is the single most important reason to hold events, but simply having a list of names is not enough. Your post-event marketing is most effective when driven by strategic use of data gathered during your registration. Attendease will work with you to help create the best customization of our online registration software that you need in order to maximize successful followup.  
  3. The last key reason you may not be doing more events is the cost factor. Marketing strategies are always evaluated in light of not only the initial cost, but also the direct return on that investment. Attendease is your affordable conference management solution to creating superb repeat experiences that directly and positively impact your bottom line. Our system will seamlessly integrate into your overall customer relationship management software, giving you measurable sales impact data. 


The Attendease system can help you create scalable and repeatable events that not only seamlessly integrate with your larger marketing strategy, but also positively impact your company's ROI.


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