Why Stand-alone Event Tech Is Not For You

Apr 4, 2016 10:56:19 AM Shannon DeSouza Strategy

Event planning can be daunting, whether you're organizing a membership drive or corporate meeting. With the increasing use of technology to simplify event management, you may reach a point of frustration trying to juggle numerous products trying find some way to put it all together. You'll know why stand-alone event tech is not for you when you start wishing you could go back to your overstuffed binders and endless sticky notes.

The problem feels complicated.

  • Using multiple tools to help you manage various parts of your event planning can leave you feeling like a juggler. One app for scheduling, another to help you manage vendors, yet a third to help with registration; and you are the one common theme between them all.
  • Stand-alone products are great as far as they go, but isn't necessarily the best long-term strategy. Without communication between different tools, your event management portfolio could just as easily be those old binders.
  • It is difficult to produce meaningful data analysis for things like your company's CRM followup or overall ROI when you're gathering information by hand or from unconnected applications that each have a different focus.
  • Using multiple products for event planning is simply not scalable. Add another meeting to your schedule, or add a new session to a current conference, and your carefully balanced tools will being making your life more complicated, not easier. 

The solution is simplicity itself.

The market is moving to either an integrated solution or a solution that can be integrated. In order to be a viable solution, a fully integrated event planning portfolio must provide more than the stand-alone products it replaces. It must be scalable, user-friendly and ideally will incorporate seamless data analysis. Whether you create your own integrated system, or go with an all-in-one event management software solution, get ready to feel relief. No more juggling act, you can now focus on planning your next event knowing that the details will all be manageable from one interconnected place. Contact us today to explore how we can help make this a reality for you.