Why An Integrated Approach Is Key for Corporate Events

Sep 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM Todd Heintz Industry

It takes plenty of people and a slew of steps to plan, schedule, and execute a successful event. With a dizzying deck of documents, it can be tricky to track each stage of an event’s execution without slipping up. A collaborative team that is well integrated into the overall marketing strategy is key. However, so is using an integrated event management platform - it’s not only easier, it’s essential. Here are 5 reasons why it matters:

1) Collaborate. Through connecting the pieces - attendees, venues, websites, schedules, speakers, sponsors, and financials - you can work from one unified document as opposed to trying to fit together the puzzle pieces of the event’s varying details. This will not only keep things up-to-date and consistent, but will make it easier for event collaboration with your team members to happen effectively. 

2) Create. An integrated platform will allow you to create conflict-free schedules, on-brand digital elements, real-time registration processes, and post-event wrap reports, without having to bounce between programs or duplicate documents.

3) Communicate. Event communication is key. Using an integrated platform will allow you to communicate instantly with your attendees, speakers and sponsors, before, during, and after the event, and will also keep the lines of communication open and current between you and your team members.

4) Customize. Using an integrated platform makes customized branding across all channels much easier. Instead of duplicating the look and feel of your event over various programs, you can manage it all from one central spot. A clean, consistent, cross-channel brand will give your event a professional edge.

5) Chronicle. A successful event carries no merit without a strong follow-up report to back up the event’s success. With all of the key details and communications stored in the same spot, creating a knock-it-out-of-the-park summary will be easy.

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and simplify your process with an integrated platform that connects your steps in a smooth and seamless way. Working from one unified platform that integrates all your event details not only saves time, it simplifies the event management process from start to finish, shining the spotlight on you and your successfully-run event.


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