Attendease + Marketo. The new integration is here!

You've planned great events and you've checked off everything on your list. What happens to all your valuable information with all the new faces that attended your events? Attendease has added yet another integration that's no stranger in your event sales and marketing efforts. Your Attendease information can now easily flow into Marketo programs and leads. 

Set Marketo Automations

Programs created in Marketo can now be linked to Attendease events. Mapping your Attendease global fields to Marketo fields to collect attendee information will make it a snap to harness your leads. Selecting triggers will provide your team with up to date information about their leads throughout their event journey from initial registration through to submitting a survey.

Email Templates & Blasts 

Planning on using Marketo's email and landing page? You can set up assets in your base program and make use of custom tokens created in Attendease to streamline this process. 


In addition, you will be able to import your Marketo recipient list into Attendease, allowing for a quick way to send announcements and other emails to a specific distribution group. 


Ready to start using the Attendease X Marketo integration? You can find the step by step guide here.