The Event Planning Challenges Of Corporate Event Marketers

Of all the marketing channels available to corporations—email, search engine, persona-based, social media, content, website, mobile, influencer, account-based, inbound, and others—the least natural fit within existing corporate infrastructure has traditionally been event marketing. It has been the “odd man out” for a number of reasons. Fortunately, those reasons are beginning to dwindle.

Corporate event marketing is emerging—It’s only within the past decade or two that corporate marketing events have been placed in the spotlight. Formerly reserved for employees (sales meetings or training) or user groups, the corporate event as a customer acquisition platform is a fairly new convention. Accordingly, the role of corporate event planner as a marketer is just beginning to get traction.

Event-centric tools are nascent—Planning an event is unlike any other marketing process.  And while digital marketers have been able to rely on a vast ecosystem of specialized tools with which to execute digital marketing campaigns, corporate event marketers haven’t had much in the way of suitable online platforms for event management until recently.

Event metrics are lacking—While digital marketers have been able to measure the success of campaigns with scores of metrics, event marketers have had few measures of the effectiveness of events. In fact, it’s become one of the biggest challenges in event management. Without proof of an event’s return on investment, marketers have had to place events at the back of the line no matter how badly the sales teams want them.

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Lead tracking is an afterthought—using sophisticated marketing platforms, digital marketers can bake lead acquisition into the campaign automatically. Most event management platforms, however, focus solely on the planning and logistics of the event, requiring event marketers to employ an entirely separate lead retrieval process on site.  

Event websites are a hassle—In corporate settings, website development is often handled by a separate internal team of developers and designer. So, event marketers are stymied when they need to frequently and rapidly set up websites and online registration portals for every event. Some have relied on low-function microsites, but even those unnecessarily extend the event timeline.

Manual processes are pervasive—Digital marketers are unable to function without purpose-built platforms as the tools of their trade. Not so for event marketers, many of whom still cobble together manual systems comprised of Excel spreadsheets, Google documents, and Post-it notes, robbing them of the ability to scale their operations, discover efficiencies, and maintain productivity.

Despite the lack of resources and isolation that many event marketers have endured, the tide is changing. The unique role that events play in engaging customers and prospects is gaining in importance and respect. As a result, tools that address event management problems and solutions by placing ROI calculation, lead generation, website creation, and automation within the grasp of event marketers have begun to emerge and evolve. And, event marketers are finally poised to play a much bigger role in corporate marketing.

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