Future-Proof Your Events

Jul 16, 2020 10:48:15 AM Julia Sousa Tips for Event Planners, Strategy

If you’re like most of the event management professionals we work with, odds are that your plan for 2020 has been completely derailed by the pandemic.  Over the past few months, everyone’s had to scramble to turn a calendar of in-person events into a series of virtual programs.  
Now that the reactive phase is out of the way, how can you proactively plan your events and make sure that no surprises come your way? Taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of a hybrid event platform can help you future-proof your events, so you are ready to quickly adapt to new demands.  
The future demands flexibility and adaptability: while things are uncertain, it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Re-evaluating your current systems, processes, and tools will be key to those who want to thrive in this ever-changing scenario. 
Attendease can support your needs by providing a hybrid event platform where you can manage your entire event portfolio, whether in-person or online, and you can easily update components as needed. Some of our customers were able to completely pivot their 10,000+ attendee conference from in-person to online within a week timeframe. 
If you want to gain some more insights in what the future holds and how to prepare yourself for uncertainties, join us for a free webinar on July 23rd, as we will discuss how planners can future-proof their events and be ready to adapt fast when needed. 
Here are some things we will discuss: 
  • How companies are pivoting from in-person to virtual events  
  • Best practices and tips for making the most of your hybrid platform 
  • Hybrid platform features that support your event planning needs 
  • And more. 
This is a popular topic and we expect seats to fill up fast. Register today to secure your spot!
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