How To Take Your Corporate Event from Basic To Brilliant

Sep 15, 2016 11:23:00 AM Todd Heintz Insider

The ideal outcome of a well-run event, would be for your attendees to leave buzzing about your event’s success. You would want them to spread the word, you would want to see a booming list of prospects lining up to work with you, an increased number of events on the horizon as a result, and an amazing ROI to show for all of your hard work.

These results would involve having an impressed and engaged group of guests at your event - guests who are potential prospects, customers, and partners. You would need an efficiently-managed event planning and marketing strategy, the integration of digital elements for better real-time management and trackability of attendees, and streamlined planning and management processes - all backed by a solid team.  That ideal outcome is possible, but the only way to achieve those goals, would be to start with a strong core event management platform, and then embellish that basic framework with added bells and whistles to really make your event shine.

Most event managers know the basic elements that are required to make an event run smoothly - the planning, execution, and follow-up required to make an event succeed. But the truth is, success relies on more than just knowing which key elements to include in the process. Without having a scalable event tech platform in place, attendee experience could suffer, and your goals could fall by the wayside. Ensuring that you have cohesive, streamlined, and on-brand planning, execution, and tracking processes is vital to your event’s success, and it all relies on that strong core foundation to bring your event to the next level.

As an event leader, you need to ensure that you have a core foundation to manage your event portfolio, the micro-sites, registration process, the event venues, the speakers and sponsors, and the lead generation opportunities. Once you’ve built that solid core, then you can shift your focus to enhancing engagement through enticing add-ons such as mobile apps, gamification, beacons, and matchmaking and networking capabilities. The perfect package of building upon a proven core event management software system, will create that amazing attendee experience, and give you the results you desire.

Starting with a strong event management platform will enable productivity, efficiency, planning and execution, resulting in more events and an increased ROI, and building on that strong core with added bells and whistles will take your event from good to great.

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