Workflows: The easiest way to manage speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors

Picture this: You are putting together a new event and in order to make it happen you need to invite speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Between phone calls, email exchanges, and spreadsheets, you need to keep your sanity and track all applications, while gathering and publishing information from successful applicants. Sounds familiar? Managing speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors doesn't need to be a pain. We are proud to introduce you to Workflows!

Attendease Workflows Feature

We recently released a new feature to the Attendease platform, called workflows. Attendease users can now use workflows to automate the process of managing speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. All three workflows work in a similar manner, and will make your life so much easier when managing your next event!

Workflows work in six simple steps:

  1. Create custom application forms
  2. Publish forms on your website
  3. Invite speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to register
  4. Review and approve or reject applications
  5. Automatically publish approved applications to your website
  6. Let speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors manage their information. They can add their own bio, and all you need to do is approve it. Everything will automatically be updated on your website!

Easy peasy! Ready to start? You can check our resources section to learn how to take advantage of these new features, or contact our team for a demo!