New Features: Event Portal Websites

If your company or organization hosts many events, an Event Portal is great for displaying all of the ongoing and upcoming events. Today we are announcing three new features to enhance your Event Portal website. Additionally, we've updated the names of some of our website content blocks.


Add an event calendar
In addition to displaying events in a list format, you are now able to display events in calendar format. Users can easily navigate the calendar, and filters can be applied so that it is easier to view different types of events.

Make your Portal private
Don't want to let just anyone see all events you are hosting? By setting your Event Portal as private, you decide who has access to your website. 

Display "Other Events"
At times, you may want to showcase or inform visitors to your Event Portal about events hosted by another organization. With the "Other Events" feature you are able to display non-Attendease events in the event list and calendar. 


Do you want to learn more about Event Portals? 
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